Over the years, Mary has played an integral part in helping clients realize and resolve challenging areas in their lives. Please take a moment to read Mary Martell’s testimonials. See what her satisfied clients are saying about her practice in Dallas, TX.

"Mary Martell has an innate gift that allows her to help people get in touch with their inner depths. Through working with Mary, I have gained new understanding and insight into areas of my life that I previously understood only at a surface level. In only a few sessions, I have gained clarity on issues that I have struggled with for years, which has now allowed me to make positive changes in my life.

I am very impressed with Mary's compassion and insight, and I feel she has a unique gift for helping others through hypnosis. I very highly recommend her!"

- Lindy

"Our nine-year-old son was having some difficulty adjusting to his brand new school. His teacher said he seemed nervous and was slow to make friends. His grades were good, but he seemed to be very reluctant to let is guard down with his classmates. He didn't want to read aloud. It was like he wanted to be invisible. We took him to Mary Martell for a hypnosis session, and we were so pleased with the outcome. She is wonderful with children and immediately put our son at ease.

After just one session, he made a huge turnaround in school. He was joining in on class activities and adjusting well. My husband and I couldn't be happier. We would highly recommend Mary Martell's hypnosis therapy for any child."

- Julie & Michael

"Mary Martell used her skills as a hypnotist to help me resolve the issue that was a the center of my soul. Finding and confronting this issue allowed me to deal with years of depression and anxiety. This is still an ongoing effort, which perhaps, never ends. Nonetheless, the assistance Mary provided me was a turning point in my efforts at self-examination and self-growth. I would highly recommend her as a hypo-therapist and counselor."

- Andrews

"I've worked with Mary on several occasions in the past with major success. One of my sessions included work to reduce pain and to work on relaxation techniques during the delivery of my first child. I was so anxious and nervous that no matter how prepared I thought I was mentally, I just could not relax my mind and avoid thinking of the PAIN I was about to endure. Mary worked with me a couple of weeks prior to my delivery, and I was able to use her techniques during the delivery with no problems at all. The delivery was a wonderful experience for me and a blessing."

- Nadajalah

"I was given Mary Martell's name by a friend who had seen her and was very impressed by her. I wanted to lose weight by hypnosis, which I thought would be very easy to do. I thought I was going to begin losing weight immediately, but after talking with Mary for an hour, she saw through me and began telling me other things about myself. These were heavy things which I had been carrying around with me for most of my life, which was making me very tense and nervous. We both decided that in order for me to lose weight, she would help me lose these very heavy burdens in my life through hypnosis first.

Over the next few weeks, she worked with me through hypnosis to unburden myself of severe parental problems and great losses in my life. I had just been stuffing all of these things away in my subconscious which was giving me terrible colon problems...We worked very hard, and I can say that my life has changed drastically for the better. I am much more relaxed and positive and have gone on to lose 25 pounds through more hypnosis."

- Anonymous

"When I decided to pursue the weight loss program, I knew this opportunity wouldn't be anything but the most of professionalism and consideration. But as the process began, I did encounter a bit of a surprise I didn't expect. Mary gave me a gift that I will continue to use and invest in from this point forward.

I initially came to Mary to use the therapy for weight loss. But while wanting to achieve success quickly, I discovered I needed to unmask and uncover many areas (issues) for my weight loss to be successful.

Working with Mary has allowed me to break down some walls and fears that have been growing for many years. She was able to teach me to take steps to change those negative thoughts, fears and replace them with positive thoughts to achieve successes. Thankfully, this allowed me to obtain knowledge in areas, resources or abilities I had not tapped into before."

- Anonymous

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