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I offer free consultations to allow potential clients the opportunity to meet me and learn more about the benefits of hypnotherapy in Dallas, TX. It is an alternative treatment or a tool that can help facilitate healing in many areas. Once people understand how I can assist them with their needs, they feel empowered to continue along the journey.

I provide a thorough analysis of how issues come to exist and as humans how we are born with the power to change ourselves, and to see, feel, and hear their world in many different ways.

Hypnotherapy treatment plans will vary based on each individual's condition.


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Offering Professional Hypnotherapy in Dallas, TX


Improve your life with help from Mary Martell, a certified clinical hypnotherapist in Dallas, TX. Mary has operated an independent clinical hypnotherapy practice for over a decade. Whether you are searching for hypnosis to get to the root cause of a specific issue (like fears and phobias), or you need guidance on redirecting focus to allow for a more productive life, Mary can help.

Much like peeling an onion, Mary’s progressive process enables clients to open up to awareness, one layer at a time. The hypnotherapeutic approach used during each session literally transforms negative feelings into positive ones.

Most often, this process awakens and inspires the desire to live life to the fullest extent, allowing clients to reach rarely experienced levels of happiness. The entire process causes positive transformations in a fraction of the time that other forms of therapy require. Hypnotherapy is a valuable and powerful tool for self-discovery, empowerment, and change.